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I am a Multidisciplinary artist. I started as a painter, painting figures trapped within the

two- dimensional space of the canvas. Working with clay to make man out of dirt, I

added a three dimensional aspect allowing the figures to push out of the canvas or wall

and invade the space of the viewer. I gave each figure a narrative sound track. They

become my altered egos.

At times these clay heads come off of the wall, become a part of my performance and

I shape-shift into multiple consciousness. I document the performances with video and


Studying the common threads in international indigenous religions and mythology, my

studio practice is a commitment to creating myth and ritual through the use of narrative

performance art, video, sound, drawing and installation.

My Work is an exploration of individual burdens, insecurities, and self prescribed traps,

walls, armor, masks, stereotypes that are worn/carried out of habit, comfort, fear, sloth

and shame. However the work also explores our ability to transform, resist and escape

these traps.

Looking at DuBoisian “double consciousness” and Jacques Lacan’s shape shifting

subconscious I realize that we have many identities and like chameleons they shift

according to our surroundings. They become “Multiple Consciousness”. Juxtaposing the

contemporary practice of code switching with African and Indigenous ideas of “the

trickster” my many headed series “breaking Head”, “getting a head”, and chameleon all

speak to our ability to transform, resist and escape traps while exploring ideas of

transformation, multiplicity, indecision, confusion, consumption, balance and


Simultaneously I make traps, tricked out spirit traps, consumer traps, comfortable traps,

safe traps, traps that invite you to stay unchanged unchallenged. I work in whatever

media gets my point across. Text appears as both sounds and large scale phrases that

transform during performances. Drawings inspire sculptures, that inspire performance,

that inspire video that inspires narrative, that inspire sound, the order changes.

I work with multiples, compulsive reproduction/repetition with minute changes that build

to something dramatically different from the first moment. I experiment with weight and

balance the whole verses the fragment. I am as intrigued by the material aesthetic aspects

of my process as the metaphoric meta-narrative.

There is often an aspect of my work that references child like play (sometimes it’s a tantrum) but

there is also often a dirty joke and something fragile.I work on several things at once. I consider

my practice a play to movie production except the props costumes and storyboards are as

important as the movie/play.

I am interested in that which misleads and seduces and the

potential of weakness and vulnerability as façade, as power, as regiment.

Utilizing nostalgia and beauty to implicate/suggest that which is ugly, uncomfortable and

terrifying, I explore the meta-narrative and the duplicity of meaning, the ironic and oxymoronic,

the co-dependence of polar opposites, the space between words and the possibility for a

change in roles for both the victim and predator.

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