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Each print is a metaphor documenting a moment in history and/or a feeling. This work is meant to fill all six surfaces in a room.

My work has always dealt with self perception and self awareness. I believe one must know and understand themselves before they can comprehend their ability to effect change. We often define ourselves by the race sex and class assumptions/stereotypes placed upon us by popular culture. Many of us embrace these stereo types However many of us exist between them; Bounce back and forth to adjust to our environments and multiple histories. In thinking of what it means to "keep it real"one assumes one self, one identity we are not that simple. This piece is about being true to and acknowledging ones many selves, and many voices. Once we acknowledge this we discover there is power there. The ability to shift speaks of mobility as well as empathy. I am interested in passive power it is like water it adapts. The woman is kneeling. She is meant to appear submissive, welcoming and confident. She is also meant to over power the space, Lay beneath you, rise before you, stand behind you, and float above you.

Aisha Tandiwe Bell illustrating Multiple Identity
fabric and clay